Bunnings Suggestions For Ridding your Garden from Pests.

Bunning Diatomaceous Earth

To prevent your plants from being destroyed by bugs and other pests, Bunnings has a few suggestions on their website.

1- Many insects have natural predators. Lady beetles love certain pests. By planting more pollen producing plants you will be able to keep the good bugs around and they will naturally take care of the bad guys.

2- There are a number of ECO sprays on the market, the best are organic to protect the plants and yourself. some of the common pests are aphids, mites, whitefly and scale.  A good natural alternative is Diatomaceous earth The food Grade type. Unfortunately at the time of writing this article Bunnings isn’t carrying the product.  Luckily we have a great organic supplier right here in Australia who can deliver as much as you want to your door. Check out our Diatom Range Here.

3-  Fruit Fly is a major destroyer of crops and is very difficult to keep under control. I have seen people use Coffee grinds. The grinds seem to keepa lot of insects of but the fruit fly are very hardy. Diatomaceous earth is a solution as it has sharp edges that will kill the fly. Bunnings has an eco spray that is said to be very good.

Bunnings Suggest using Eco Organic Garden’s eco-naturalure around plants.

These are just a few ideas. The DE Powder is a great way to eliminate many pests and bugs around the house and garden.