Amazing Diatomaceous Earth Uses

Diatomaceous earth, also called diatomite, is a siliceous sedimentary rock that occurs naturally. Diatomaceous earth (DE) is actually the remains of phytoplankton called diatoms. The deposits naturally exist in water beds and ancient dried water bodies.
The substance valued throughout the world, probably because it is used in a various areas. This article will discuss real health benefits of the product. Remember that everything that is discussed here has been proven, there is no allegations about this product.

Proven Diatomaceous Earth Uses

If you conduct and online research about this amazing product, you will realize that, just like other natural products that boast of being effective and safe, the diatomaceous earth is not left behind, several users have given positive reviews about how the product has impacted their lives. Perhaps you have no idea about how this product is powerful. Let’s examine some of its uses.

It is a Detoxifying Agent

Research studies have revealed that DE has the ability to absorb harmful substances like methyl mercury, endotoxins, and organophosphate pesticide residues among other toxins. It is termed as a natural detoxifier. It’s cleansing and detoxifying abilities has countless positive effects on the human health. Similarly, the substance contains silica – an essential substance that we cannot do without. Did you know that silica is a trace element that must be present in the body? This finding was established in 1940’s.

It Stabilizes Blood Pressure

Nobody needs an explanation as to why we should have healthy blood pressure. Of  late, blood pressure complications ranks one of the leading causes of deaths throughout the world. A report that was published last year by a health organization revealed that most victims of high blood pressure who consumes the diatomite show improvements within short periods of time.

It Lowers Cholesterol Levels

This is one reason that forced me to use the wonderful product. I am always concerned about my health and I strive to ensure that my cholesterol levels are okay. On average, since I began consuming the item, I am confident to say that this product can make you lose up to 60 points within three weeks. I am certain that it sounds too nice to be trustworthy, but believe you me, this mineral works.
Oh, in fact as I type this article, a friend sent me this email

“I’ve been on Diatomaceous Earth (Fossil Shell Powder) for six months now. Yesterday, I visited my doctor for a lab test. Wow! My triglycerides have reduced from 500 to 200. Indeed I am happy. Thank you for recommending to me this lovely product, In fact I have just told my friend and they are ready to try it out. Thanks a lot for your help” From this message, I hope you have learnt something.

Fossil Shell (DE) is a solution to osteoporosis and joint problems

Osteoporosis is a condition that is said to be a sign of aging process. It is a condition that is corrected by deposition of important components into the bones, a process that is hastened by silica. As a person grows old, the calcium levels in the body deplete. On the other hand, the bones become weak. Even though taking a calcium supplement is recommended, it is important to note that a supplement cannot offer reliable solutions, because for the body to assimilate and utilize the calcium supplements, availability of silica is recommended. There is a report that revealed that taking calcium in form of supplements is not advisable because the supplements will accelerate the leaching of bone calcium. The silica that is contained in the DE will enhance the absorption of calcium.

It is a weight loss agent

I am sure your attention has been drawn by the phrase “weight loss”. Abnormal weight gain has been a challenge to most of us. To worsen the situation, the common weight loss situations that we know of are not only expensive, most are ineffective and moreover, some measures are dangerous. If you seek to lose weight without subjecting your body to any harm, you need to approach the problem the natural way. Using the Diatomaceous Earth is one of the natural methods. It works by suppressing appetite.

It is used as a natural internal cosmetic

Diatomaceous can be used for multipurposes.  As I was conducting my research on this amazing product, I read an article that stated that this natural product is used in Asia and Europe as a beauty product. It is used to solve problems related to hair, skin, bones and even nails.

It is a hair growth agent

Silica is one of the most important components of hair. The silica present in this great supplement will help in stimulating healthy growth of hair. It prevents loss of hair that may result in baldness.

Other Diatomaceous Earth uses include:

It fades away all the embarrassing age spots.

The silica present in the Diatomite plays a significant role in the repair and maintenance of lung tissues. It also protects the tissues from getting polluted. On the other hand, the silica maintains and restores the lung tissue elasticity the and therefore, it helps in reducing the inflammation of bronchitis.

It is a cough reducing agent, especially if one has a cold. It helps in toning the respiratory tracts

It is an essential product for reducing complications associated with menopause in women.

Silica has been discovered to be a working solution to health complications like kidney stones, bowels, diarrhea and constipation.
Generally, DE uses are countless. New uses are also identified each day . Even if we try to come up with a complete list, we will never exhaust everything because its new benefits continue to be identified each day. It is therefore wrong for a person to think that he/she can give a complete list. It should also be remembered that the silica present in this amazing product is accountable for the countless Fossil Shell uses. What I normally recommend is that people should not rely on what others say, it is always good to try a product out so that first hand information can be obtained.

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