Diatomaceous Earth For Healing The Body

Diatomaceous earth for healing the body has been used for a long time in various substances like toothpaste and facial scrubs. Other uses have been to aid in digestion in animals, as it tends to remove harmful intestinal bacterial organisms.

It has also been found to be helpful in flushing out E coli from animals and has been used as a natural cat litter.People are gaining more and more respect for the more natural processes of staying healthy. We hear of all the side effects of most of the drugs that are advertised, all of which seem to be as harmful, or even more harmful than the disease the prescription drug is supposed to keep in check. People are interested in utilizing a more natural method to maintain control over their health. DE is a great choice because it works and there are little to no side effects.

DE The Facts

Diatomaceous earth is made up of tiny microscopic fossils of sea creatures where all that is left of them is their shell.
These shells are in the form of a powder that resembles finely filtered dirt. This substance, when used as an intestinal drink, mixed with warm water has a negative charge which traps toxins and bacteria in the colon and passes them out normally. This is a wonderful way to also purge heavy metals, and other harmful substances from the body naturally.

The human body reacts to stimuli in a normal way. If an invader enters the body, our immune system goes into action. The immune system consists of white blood cells that trap and kill harmful organisms. If the diatomaceous earth( Also called Fossil Shell) has already trapped much of the invading army, it makes it easier for our immune system to continue doing what it was doing before the invasion.

About DE and How To Buy It

Fossil Shell powder comes in a food-grade and a non food-grade format. The food-grade diatomaceous earth is so non-invasive
that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has approved the substance as a food additive. Non-food grade Fossil powder is of a harsher blend and can cause damage internally when eaten or inhaled. When using DE for healing the
body, one must verify the food-grade diatomaceous earth is being used in the process.

Cleaning Your Colon With Fossil Shell

Fossil Shell flour (DE)  is a wonderful colon cleanser. Many people take this substance regularly, as it will keep the colon moving and rid the body of harmful bacteria and inert agents like heavy metals and unwanted organisms. Food-grade diatomaceous earth is mostly made up of silica, which plays a great part in mineral absorption in the body. This in turn, has a primary effect in helping to create a better health situation in people with heart and kidney problems, blood pressure and cholesterol issues, bone issues, teeth and nail problems, anti-aging issues, and urinary tract infections.

Clearing C Diff

One area of great success in the usage of diatomaceous earth is that of a disease called C-Diff. This is a disease wherebad bacteria in the intestines overcome the good, cause a lack of balance which can become life threatening very quickly. The diatomaceous earth traps the bad bacteria and eliminates it, easing the path to healing and the restoration of the goodbacteria.

Many patients with high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol have found that the regular use of Fossil Shell has caused the blood pressure and cholesterol readings to low and normalise by its usage. The silica contained in the diatomaceous has caused the reading to both go down. Silica can normalize circulation which helps reduce blood pressure.

Using Diatomaceous Earth To Lower Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

Silica in DE acts as a diuretic helping to flush the kidneys and increase the output of urine, thus keep
the body cleansed. Silica aids in ridding the lungs of mucus and harmful bacteria.

In thinking of diatomaceous  for healing the body, we must not forget its usage in increasing circulation by
strengthening the blood vessels in our body. As our bodies age, the aorta has less and less silica in it, thus creating a
greater risk of heart attack and stroke. Replenishing the silica in the aorta is a big step in rebuilding the walls of our blood vessels to ward of this disease.

The usage of DE also wards off Alzheimer’s disease by shielding the body against the absorption of aluminum.

Finally when all is said and done, the usage of diatomaceous for healing the body has many beneficial effects and very few harmful effects. It can easily be taken directly with a couple of teaspoonful washed down with water, or in a shake or in a shake drink. You don’t need to take too much at one time but just enough on a regular basis.

Experience your own trek into the diatomaceous earth healing for the body syndrome and you will feel healthier and be healthier. If we can continually rid our bodies of the harmful toxins that build up in our bodies, then the good bacteria can relax a little bit and our body can heal itself more effectively.

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