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Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is found to be amongst the most beneficial substances to improve the quality of your health and well being. These specific natural forming fossils arecreated when a single cell micro organisms (marine type) die, their skeleton  falls to the ocean floor and turns into a fossil shell,

Uses for this specific food grade fossil flour,  include ingesting where great benefits for Humans have been reported.  (This is the food grade quality where talking about).


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There are two specific grades available. One for industrial purposes and one  classed as food grade. It is very important to use the edible type.

Fossil Shell flour or powder( another name for food graded type of DE) is generally collected from old bodies of water that have now dried up. The Industrial grade type is used for swimming pool and water filtration systems and is not to be used for human consumption. The type for human consumption is also used for non toxic insecticide, but has been said to provide fantastic totally safe health benefits in many people.

Benefits and Uses of Fossilized Earth 

One of the main uses  is cleansing the internal walls of the intestinal tract. The compound has sharp points on the outside skeleton part that are completely safe for the body tissue but actually cut up any parasites that may be present in the intestines. Another amazing fact is as it passes through your system pathogens are absorbed. Pathogens such as Fungi, bacteria, any viruses that may be present and protozoa. But that’s not all heavy metals, drug residues and most pesticides are absorbed and removed from your system as the Food Quality Earth passes through.

Why Silica Is Important

This supplement contains about 85% Silica and 20 trace minerals which provides a huge health benefit due to it’s wealth of natural minerals. This element  is known to be effective in preventing premature aging. It has been said Life will not exist without Silica! . What is the single most important mineral humans require……you guessed it Silica.! This element is involved in many functions of  your body and is directly related for the absorption of minerals. Your body holds between 6 – 8 grams of mineral Silica outweighing many  other often referred to minerals like iron. Silica is directly related to  rejuvenating the elasticity of the lung tissue.

Some  health advantages of using regularly :

=> Balancing blood pressure and lowering Cholesterol

=> Reducing Joint Swelling and reducing associated pain

=> Rejuvenating skin and hair

=> Strengthening teeth and improving gum health

=> Strengthening Nails.

It surprisingly tastes alright.  Just add a couple of teaspoons in to your diet daily by adding into your meals a juice.

You will have to stir the juice a couple of times as DE won’t dissolve and you don’t want it to settle.  I advise you to take it first thing in the morning as you may find you have more energy.

Fossil shell is great for horses, dogs, cats and most pets as well. Same as us really. But there are a few other benefits worth mentioning. It is great for ridding your animals from worms and if rubbed into their coats, if kept dry will keep fleas and ticks at bay.

Many people have found using  it on  horses has had some great results with internal parasites.

It is also used for flea control and is widely accepted as an alternative for the many chemicals on the market today.

Simply mix in a teaspoon of DE into their food for large cats . Kittens about 1/2 tea spoon. So if using Diatomaceous Earth for horses about 4 teaspoons and just watch the horse.

Use for dogs as follows:

=>1/2 Teaspoon for small dogs

=> Dogs Under 20 kgs add a teaspoon to  food

=> Dogs 20 – 40 kgs add a tablespoon to their food

=> Dogs over 40kgs 1 to 2 tablespoons.

You can even add DE to kitty litter to minimize odours.

Gardeners love Fossilised Earth.  The powder effectively controls insects without having any effect on worms or any other micro organisms that are beneficial to soil.

Take a look at this video talking about what food grade DE really is. Our product is the same Grade as the one featured in the Video.

Special Note: In Australia  DE is approved for sale only for animal feed and for anti caking, therefore we can only sell it as such. The information provided on this site is for information only and has been collected from many sources. We suggest you do your own research and consult your doctor before taking or using any substances. There is a wealth of information on the internet (google, youtube etc) about the health benefits of fossil shell powder.
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