Using Diatomaceous Earth For A Healthy Pet

If you have a pet then you love  keeping them healthy and happy meaning free of fleas, worms and other parasites. You can protect your pets using Diatomaceous Earth (also known as fossil Shell flour, DE, Diatomite and simply fossil shell,). Lightly rub the DE onto their coats and dust in areas that your pet frequents the most. The Fossil shell naturally removes Mites, Lice, Fleas, and also Ticks that live on dogs and cats with no harm to your pet. Remember to use it sparingly on the coat as it does has a drying effect. Sometimes it is better to use it on the areas they frequent rather than directly on the pet.

Diatomite comes in a powdered form, is a naturally occurring substance that can have benefits for pets. All you have to do is just rub it very gently into the pet’s coat. If your pets have Ear Mites then you just put a pinch of it on each side of the pet’s ears every day for a couple of weeks and this will kill any mites. This all natural product is recommended by vets and is a good all rounder for your pets as it is safe.

What Is DE and Where Does It Come From?

Diatomite  in fact comes from fossilized old algae which is ground into a powder and can be easily added to many products. The shells of the old algae contain a negative charge similar to a magnet and this charge attracts positive charged molecules like bacteria, water and viruses which makes it ideal for parasite remover. DE kills by a natural action, not a chemical one. What happens is that the the tiny pieces of the DE scratch off the insect’s waxy coating, and then the insect dehydrates and dies.

DE is an effective wormer for your pet and can be very effective. It is a natural health solution for your pets overall health and can be used as a supplement much as we use supplements and has the added benefit of being a wormer too, but you will have to buy a FOOD GRADE Diatomaceous Earth for internal treatment and not the general one.

Please remember that it has to be FOOD GRADE Diatomaceous Earth if you are giving it to pets or using it yourself as a supplement. You only need to add a small amount and then it will kill internal parasites and any harmful bacteria or viruses that your pets may have. The DE will then pass through the pet’s digestive system and will absorb any bacteria and is then passed out during defecation.

Diatomaceous Earth For Your Pets Arthritis.

As your pets get older, they also tend to suffer from still and painful joints, much like people with arthritis. You can use Fossil Shell as a supplement as this tends to reduce inflamed joints like arthritis. It is a cheap and effective way of looking after your pet naturally without using chemicals.

You can also use it where your pets live and sleep. All you do is apply it to any areas your pets frequent to reduce any odors, The fossil shell flour will then dry it out, and stop any parasites from breeding. You can apply it in small amounts to your cat’s litter box to control any dampness and odors that may be there.

Buying The Right Type Of Diatomaceous Earth

There are two forms of Diatomaceous earth available. One is the FOOD GRADE Diatomaceous earth which is ground to a much finer powder and has a different structure than the general grade, making it safe for use in pets. It will kill any mature fleas that the cat or dog may have and can also be sprinkled on the bedding of the pets for even more peace of mind.

Diatomaceous Earth really is a natural health treatment for fleas and other parasites that live on your pet. As long as you only use it in small amounts and use caution when applying it, then this DE is far better than using a chemical on your pet.

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