Why Buy Our Diatomaceous Earth?

Our Diatomaceous Earth is supplied from the pristine freshwater regions of North Queensland. We are one of the leading suppliers in Australia.

It is well known Diatomaceous Earth is one of the wonders of the world with it’s richness in Silica and a unique mix of minerals it provides a wealth of benefits to our overall wellbeing.

Hear what The Medical Medium has to say about Silica –

“Silica is one of the foundational minerals our bodies’ need most. While we commonly hear that calcium is the mineral that’s most helpful for bone health, it’s actually silica that’s more critical.”

Source https://www.medicalmedium.com/blog/benefits-of-silica

DE (also Known as Fossil shell flour) is an algae that has been fossilised in bodies of water. The fossil is ground and made into a fine grade powder for human comsumption. The Algae in it’s original form was high in Silica, a vital component for our bodies overall well-being. The powder produced from the dried algae retains the high concentrations of Silica. These deposits are found all over the world. .

What does Diatomaceous Earth Do To The Human Body?

When Fossil Shell powder (Diatomaceous Earth) is taken orally, usually mixed in juices or smoothies it is a pure source of Silica. The powder has been known to treat high levels of Cholesterol, stop constipation, improve the overall health of skin, teeth, gums, bones and make your hair shine. Soap made with Diatomaceous Earth can exfoliate dead skin cells from your body

Buying Diatomaceous Earth In Australia

We supply a full range of products on our parent website. We are one of the leading suppliers in Australia and extremely proud of the quality we provide to the community.

You can browse our full collection and buy online and we’ll ship your DE directly to you. If you have any requests for custom orders we can meet all your needs.

We have Diatomaceous Earth Capsules, bulk orders of Diatomaceous Earth, fine grade Diatomaceous Earth, De for your horses, dogs, cats, birds. DE is great to eradicate bugs and fleas. We have special dusters for you crops and garden use.

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