Flea Eradication Using DE


Fossil Shell fleaLooking for an alternative to chemicals for ridding your house and animals from fleas.  Diatamaceous Earth is your answer. DE provides an all natural approach to controlling your flea problem. It works by de-hydrating the fleas. Simply apply the  Diatamaceous Earth to your pets bedding and carpets if required.  Diatomaceous Earth has no chemicals and works completely natural to rid your animals of fleas.

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What Exactly Is Diatomaceous Earth

DE or Some times referred to as Fossil Shell powder is the crushed remains from fossilised marine algae. These remains are called Diatoms. DE comes in two grades Food Grade and Industrial Grade. The Industrial Grade is used in pool filters. The industrial grade should not be used around animals or humans. It contains crystalline silicate. We are mainly interested in the food grade fossil shell. Farmers use the Food grade Diatomaceous as a nutritional supplement and also to rid their animals and feed from insects and the like.

How does DE Work

Basically the fleas dehydrate. The Fossil Shell has small sharp edges that are big enough to cut the fleas body as they move around. When the fleas are cut they begin to leak water the De absorbs the water and the fleas naturally die.

Some Thing To Think About.

If the animal or bedding gets wet the effectiveness of fossil shell drops dramatically. Attempt to keep your animals and their surrounds as dry asa possible or after drying reapply.

Is Diatomaceous As Good As Chemical Solutions.

Recent tests in the USA and consumer testimonials have returned great results revealing DE is as effective if not more so than chemical compositions. Being all natural it has to be a better choice to tackle a pest problem.

Is There Anything I need To Be Aware Of?

DE is made up of fine particles, and when air born can easily be inhaled causing irritation. So when applying to large areas it is best to wear face/dust masks. When applying to animal avoid any mucous membranes such as eyes, nose and mouth. DE does absorb water so avoid these areas and you animals will be happy..

Check this Short Video out on Applying Diatomaceous Earth to a cat to get rid of the fleas.

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 Use DE To keep you Pet Healthy