We are one of the leading Diatomite suppliers of organic bulk Fossil Shell powder(AKA: Diatomaceous Earth) to the Australian marketplace. Our Food Grade DE is20kg bag of DE suitable for  consumption by people, pets and livestock.

DE is well known for supporting the health and wellness of people, pets and livestock. Diatomaceous Earth has been used as an all natural solution for pest control internal and external.

Our DE is crushed into an ultra fine powder making it easy to add to dog, cat and chicken feed or your favourite juices and smoothies

It is used by gardners in the twenty Kilo bulk bags to add to potty mix when planting new crops. DE is also used around the garden to reduce pests and to keep bugs under control.

Farmers buy DE in bulk to feed to the livestock to help reduce parasites and intestinal worms.

Bird and Poultry farmers and breeders add the powder to nesting boxes to reduce mites and other insects.

Some Uses and Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth Powder

Using fossil shell powder in your garden,.When people consume DE they find their hair becomes shinier and healthier. The silica in the Diatomaceous Earth strengthens the bones and nails. Fossil Shell(DE) is great for killing any parasites in the gut and for de-worming.

DE kills fleas worms and ticks if they are present on you pets and it is so much better than exposing your pets to nasty chemicals.

Diatomaceous Earth is safe for cats and dogs to consume. DE is a great all round treatment for ridding your pets from all the regular pests and parasites.

Pets taking ultra fine food grade fossil shell look great and are overall healthy. We find their coats are shiny and their nails are strong.

Stockmen love the fact that you can buy Diatomaceous Earth in 20KG + bags. Their horses are so much healthier taking this supplement. Some of the amazing benefits are no more QLD mite itch,
stronger hooves, removal of parasite and worms and the horses coats just look so much brighter and healthier.

Our farmers feed DE Powder to their cattle they look healthier and fuller for it. Of course the powder also provides a complete parasite cleanse and gets rid of any worms in the cattle as well.

We sell Food Grade Organic Diatomaceaous Earth online in Bulk. 20kg plus bags and we deliver to your door.