Silca Supplements Helping You Stay Active And Healthy

Having beautiful strong nails, shiny healthy hair, glowing skin and strong bones are all possible with the right diet, exercise and supplement choices. Everyone knows that staying active and eating right will help you look and feel great, but adding silica supplement (Such as Diatomaceous Earth) to your regimen will increase the benefits and help you go from great to amazing.

Silica is a naturally occurring mineral with properties similar to glucosamine and chondroitin. Most people know glucosamine and chondroitin are beneficial to joint health, but many find it unpalatable. Silica is easier for most people to digest and keeps joints limber and flexible and is a good choice for people with arthritis. In fact, some scientific studies have shown taking a silica supplement can help delay the onset of arthritis and help people stay pain-free longer.

Silica has a coating that compliments the body’s glucosamine that helps keep joints lubricated and moist enhancing flexibility and range of motion. Additionally, silica contains elastin, a vital component of healthy skin. Collagen and elastin are elements critical to skin health and unfortunately, we lose elastin and collagen as we age. The result is lost, sagging skin that has lost its once youthful glow. Many high end, very expensive creams contain collagen and elastin that claim to restore your youthful appearance but studies show those molecules are too large to penetrate the skin’s epidermis and offer no true, long-lasting benefits. Taking supplements of silica allows you to restore elastin internally rather than applying it topically so your body can actually absorb and reap the benefits of taking it.

Additional studies have shown silica can also support bone health. Silica seems to help manage calcium reserves in the body. Without proper silica amounts, it is believed calcium can deposit and build in areas where it is unwanted such as joints, arterial walls, organs and soft tissues. These deposits can cause gallstones, arthritis and even arthrosclerosis. When paired with proper amounts if silica, calcium is deposited and stored more readily in the bones where it is needed to prevent bone porosity and even osteoporosis.

Silica can also help strengthen your teeth. Since it can penetrate into your skeletal system, silica can actually help protect your bones and teeth by keeping them fortified with calcium. You use fluoride toothpaste to help protect your teeth and adding a silica supplement can help boost the benefits you derive from fluoride.

girl drinkingSilica is easy to digest and is naturally derived from the earth. No ill side effects have been recorded from taking silica and when taken in the right amounts. The only side effects known from taking silica are osteoporosis prevention, an increase in lubrication and flexibility in joints, healthier, shinier hair, strong nails, a decrease in fine lines and facial wrinkles from increased elastin production and a renewed sense of youthful vitality and well being. Another benefit of silica is that it is not possible to overdose yourself since the body can easily and readily excrete amounts that are not beneficial or useful to your body.

Silica has no odour so it is easy for most people to take and digest. Many people find the easiest way to take a silica supplement is to dissolve one to two tablespoons of Diatomaceous Earth in half a cup of water and to shake or stir it thoroughly. Drink the solution in one quick gulp and then follow with a tall glass of water to wash it all down. Do this daily and in just a few short weeks, you will begin to see benefits in the form of healthier, shinier hair, stronger less brittle nails and an increase in your flexibility and mobility.

Pairing silica with a healthy regimen of exercise and a nutritionally balanced diet is an easy and smart way to take care of your bones, joints, teeth, skin, nails and hair. Improving your bone and joint health will help keep you moving, flexible and feeling younger longer and help increase your enjoyment and quality of life. Ahead of strong, shiny hair and a bright, healthy smile and smooth wrinkle free skin will help keep you looking younger longer and make you feel incredible as you age gracefully and beautifully. Silica is an easily digestible, highly beneficial mineral you can take to decrease the chances of osteoporosis, arthritis and other unwanted illnesses without any unwanted side effects associated with many medications. Look for silica online or at your favourite nutritional supplement store. Take your silica daily and soon you will see and feel results that cannot be argued with. When your friends and family start to compliment your looks and increased flexibility and mobility, share the secret of taking silica with them so they can feel and look as great as you do.

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