Major Cause For Leaky Gut Syndrome

Today’s lifestyle and food choices are one of the major reasons for gut problems.

The walls of the stomach break down as Parasites and bad bacteria build up on the walls of the intestines. As the bad bacteria builds up Candida multiplies rapidly, creating a variety of health issues.

Candida at its base form is a yeast cell. As it multiples it changes form and creates filaments that destroy our tissue. The candida thrives on the nutrients in our tissue.

To seal and heal the gut wall we have to bring our gut flora back into balance through the elimination of the parasites and Candida. When these have been removed the toxins will reduce and the inflammation should reduce

How Do I Know If I Have Leaky Gut?

Food intolerance is a major one. Especially foods you had no problem with before. Also things like indigestion and bloating. Other factors you may experience are joint pain, vagueness, confusion, tiredness and even itchy or scaly skin.

What Do I Do About It?

Detox – Detox – Detox – Cleanse – Cleanse – Cleanse

A great addition to your detox is Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth. The results from DE have been amazing. DE consists of fine particles that basically wipe your intestines clean. Removing Parasites and returning your stomach flora to good health. It is relatively easy to use and you can Buy Diatomaceous Earth cheap online. DE comes in capsules or powder form. If using the powder just mix a teaspoon in a juice or smoothie in the morning and at night. Notice how your energy levels rise as your stomach health returns to normal. DE is nearly all Silica and your body requires Silica to be healthy and regenerate.
Remember to always drink lots of water when detoxing or cleansing to remove the toxins quickly as the body releases them.
Make sure to use Food Grade “DE” not the coarser stuff

Use DE in conjunction with a good diet to heal the Leaky gut and transform your gut flora.

Leaky Gut Syndrome, What Is It?

The Gut contains trillions of micro-organisms that keep our gastrointestinal system in check and help our immune systems keeping diseases and infections at bay.

The stomach is lined with cells that provide a barrier that keeps the stuff we don’t need in our stomach and ready for excretion. The only way the nutrients from our food should enter our bloodstream is through a tube called the Villi.

When the wall of the gut breaks down and becomes permeable – or Leaky – the toxins and microbes leak out into the bloodstream. The Immune system sparks up and goes after the introduced particles. Inflammation can then occur creating the immune system to start to dysfunction. Then you are in trouble.

Choosing the right diet for your health

Lifestyle choices.

A proper Leaky Gut Diet consists of

Raw Cultured Dairy like Kefir and Yoghurt. This help destroy Candida

Fermented Vegetables
Sauerkraut, Kimchi, and Coconut Kefir. These types of vegetables are rich in probiotics. They help balance out the PH levels in the stomach.

Steamed Veggies
Use The non-starchy type.

Consume foods full of Healthy Fats like Avocado, Ghee and use coconut oil when you can.

Keep the fruit intake to a moderate level. About 1 – 2 serving per day is great.
And how the heck do you catch it?

The gut heals naturally when the flora is balanced and the proper diet is adhered to.

After the detox, it’s a good idea to use a good probiotic. The probiotic helps to keep the gut healthy and maintain good health.

Now your stomach is back in good order, remember to take time out and relax. If you know how to meditate set a time to do it daily. Start a light exercise program maybe even yoga.

Personal Experience

Lately, my wife has been having issues with her gut. Jan has been on the bowel cleanses the juices and of course a change in diet. Gone are gluten and refined sugars and most cow style dairy. In are the almond and soy milk. Coffee has been a tough one for her but using Soy seems to have been a good workaround for her. These leaky gut diet changes probably would have been difficult if not for the help of Parvati and The Journey Therapy.

Jan has cut down on many of the refined carbs but still likes bread. mainly she has upped the protein in the way of eggs and plant protein staying away from any meat. She likes to think of her self as a vegetarian.

What the doctors originally thought of her symptoms were that she had a leaky gut. I’ve had other friends with a leaky gut and know they had gone on a specific leaky gut diet. So our main focus was to research the reason for Leaky Gut and the best natural diet solutions for the problem.

I have heard the doctors and even way back to Hippocrates time talk about the importance of good gut health. The health of our stomach flora effects so many aspects of our health, especially our digestion and energy levels. I even found out that it effects our thinking. Leaky gut creates, in some people, vagueness, and confusion. So overall the impact on our health from poor Gut Flora is significant.

Channel 10 recently did a piece “The Shark Tank” about healing your gut with powder. Lee Holmes a gut expert talked about the benefits of a powder called Diatomaceous Earth and a nutritionally based diet.

I’ve been focused on healing my gut ever since and it’s completely changing my health, my energy levels, and my mood. I decided to share this information in case this is something that’s affecting your weight and overall health and vitality.

So the main focus of our health became creating a healthy gut through diet. Amazingly our health and vitality have improved and as a bonus, I’m feeling brighter and in a better mood.

The difference a good diet can make is incredible. Weight loss and sharpness of mind are a few of the changes we noticed.

I hope this article has been healthy, and I have dropped a few resources below for you.



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