Ultra Fine Food Grade 60 kg

Ultra Fine Food Grade 60 kg


Ultra Fine food grade Diatomaceous Earth (AKA Fossil Shell Flour). Mined and processed right here in Queensland, Australia. It is so fine it suspends in water and juices and can be used easily in many applications. E.g for families, insects, internal parasites, bed bugs, food and grain storage, all horticultural uses including  sprays, and for horses, chickens and all livestock. Containing a high level of soluble silica. DE Ultra Fine is a completely organic, all natural Product.


ULTRA Fine Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is a Superior Ultra fine off white powder, Sterilized for consuming by heat treating via Sunshine or UV light – enough to kill bacteria and pathogens but not harm the Diatomaceous Earth. Particles size 20 UM

This grade is a nice finely ground powder as soft as Talc powder consistency and easily disperses in water or juice.

Organic Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is a natural Pest and Parasite control, for all pets and humans, suitable for; Consuming, Feeding and dusting pets, Dusting the house and garden.

Organic Food grade Diatomaceous Earth has been approved by the FDA as a food product.

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Weight 60 kg


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